• Shim-shag Workshop

    As promised, we are excited to announce the Shim-shag workshop! Please register and come on Monday 2020-01-06 to Swing Wings studio (small room) to learn the great shag solo routine that is quickly gaining popularity all over the world.

  • Shim-shag

    There is only one true love. But we also love Christmas, so we prepared a small present for you.

  • Shag Alphabet

    Good news everyone! We have started a new project - a library of shag moves. Great opportunity for you to get inspired, check out new variations, or just boost your confidence if you dance it better.

  • Welcome to!

    Hi shaggers, shagsters, shaggists, shaggamuffins, and all other supporters of the greatest dance ever. We just created a website. Perhaps you noticed. Anyway, not much is here (yet), but we will keep adding stuff. Or not and it will just die as many other projects. Who knows.

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