There is only one true love. But we also love Christmas, so we prepared a small present for you.

Ever bored by shim-shamming lindy-hoppers? Thinking you can somehow do better? Think no more! We have put together the official version of Shim-SHAG!

Notice couple of teleporting moments as we realized only after filming that we swapped the order of some moves. And there is also a lot of other minor-ish hiccups, which you are probably already getting used to.

We realize this is not a convenient material to study the steps. There will be a workshop in January, so stay tuned. If you really want to be able to dance it before Christmas, there is a great instructional video by #ishimshagworld. Gosia and Marcella show the steps perfectly with counting. The only difference in our version is doing cross-kicks as half-breaks as performed by Marti and Sandy.

May the shag be with you in Christmas time!